Function parity for R and Python

This page is a translation guide for users interested in the operational parity between the R and Python versions of vetiver. Vetiver aims to provide users with a similar experience in each language. For a deeper understanding of each implementation, please refer to the R function reference or Python function reference.

Function R Python
Create a vetiver object for deployment of a trained model vetiver_model() new_vetiver_model() VetiverModel()
Read and write a trained model to a board of models vetiver_pin_write() vetiver_pin_read() vetiver_pin_write() VetiverModel.from_pin()
Create an API to predict with a deployable vetiver_model() object vetiver_api() vetiver_pr_post() vetiver_pr_docs() VetiverAPI() VetiverAPI.vetiver_post()
Write a deployable API file for a vetiver model vetiver_write_plumber() write_app()
Deploy a vetiver model API to Posit Connect vetiver_deploy_rsconnect() deploy_rsconnect()
Create a model API endpoint object for prediction vetiver_endpoint() vetiver_endpoint()
Post new data to a deployed model API endpoint and return predictions predict() predict()
Fully attach or load packages for making model predictions attach_pkgs() load_pkgs() load_pkgs()
Model handler functions for API endpoint handler_startup() handler_predict() VetiverHandler.handler_predict()
Identify data types for each column in an input data prototype map_request_body()
Model constructor methods vetiver_create_description() vetiver_prepare_model() VetiverHandler.describe()
Metadata constructors for vetiver model object vetiver_meta() vetiver_create_meta() VetiverHandler.create_meta() vetiver_create_meta()
Create a vetiver input data prototype vetiver_ptype() vetiver_create_ptype() vetiver_create_ptype()
Convert new data at prediction time using input data prototype vetiver_type_convert()
Compute and aggregate model metrics over time for monitoring vetiver_compute_metrics() compute_metrics()
Update and save model metrics over time for monitoring vetiver_pin_metrics() pin_metrics()
Plot model metrics over time for monitoring vetiver_plot_metrics() plot_metrics()
Generate template for model monitoring dashboard vetiver_dashboard()
Generate template for model card Use "vetiver_model_card" template model_card()